Monday, April 26, 2010

Fashion, FINALLY

So this blog was suppose to be about all things girly and me. Thus far I haven't delved into anything even remotely related to clothing, jewelry, or anything else totally girl related. Well, today I make up for my lack of fashion postings.

Today I want to just show off some of the adorable items I've found on Etsy. If you aren't familiar with Etsy, you need to be. I am IN LOVE with the website.

This is an adorable little owl necklace from lulubugjewelry on Etsy. I love owls, they are just the cutest. I especially love this one for the daddy owl, mommy owl, and baby owl. Perfectly represents my family.

Both of these little gems are from belabraziliandesigns. These are real plants. I love this real red rose ring, preserved forever on my finger of choice. The rubber tree leaf earrings are too cute. I love their transparent color. The little pink chalcedony drop perfectly finishes them in my opinion.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Allow me to explain

So, yesterdays post. Heavy right. First I would like to clarify that I love my father and he is a great man. I was feeling awful about myself because I snapped on Hunter when he was acting up. He was being a complete a-hole but I should not have yelled like I did at my little two year old. I ran back down stairs shaking to go outside and have a smoke (something I very rarely do). I couldn't even smoke it because I just started bawling, it hit we that I just acted like a monster to my child. It's hard as parent to realize you owe your child an apology. I did though. He was just tired and not feeling well and I overreacted. It happens to the best of us I guess.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I am a Monster

I am a monster
My father was a monster
I am creating a little monster
I am suppose to be the person who looks under his bed for monsters
Why look when I can tell you exactly where the monster is at all times
Standing over him
I the monster pretend to be something else
Something I am not
Sometimes I am so good at pretending I fool myself
I am a mommy I say to myself
I love him
I take care of him
I give him his baths and feed him his food
I kiss his face and hug him tight
Tell him that I love him
I do love him
I do not want to be this monster
I do not want to give him my curse
My disease
My anger
I need a healing
I need a fix
Can you help me?
Can you fix me?
God, please take away the monster
Leave the inside
Leave the mommy
Leave the lover
Let me love him
Never hurt him
I do not want to be a monster

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You can pee but you better not spit!

So I was driving home today from some errands and a trip to the gelato stand when Behold! I see an old man on the side of the road with his pants undone-PISSING! He wasn't behind a bush or his car. In fact he was in front of his car while his wife was waiting in the drivers seat. He was just right there in the bend of the curve pissing away like there wasn't car after car driving by. The best part-In Germany its legal to pee in public but not to spit! Hopefully there won't be a next time, Christina

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunshine makes me Beautiful.

Today is the loveliest day we have had since last September! Sunshine, blue skies, light breeze, not too hot. Perfect. We were outside for three hours. Me and little man had the best time swinging, going down the slide, and just general playing. I know that good weather in general puts people in a better mood, but for me it's more. I feel lighter, more like the me I remember as a teen. Bubbly, smiley, and full of energy. I even took the time to straighten my hair, tiny piece by piece for that, this took no time look that in all actuality takes me an hour at least. Even Hunter was less whiny.
We grilled hot dogs for lunch and we are grilling pork and eggplant for diner. If you have never had grilled eggplant you are missing out. Just rub evoo on both sides of sliced eggplant, season with salt, pepper, and italian seasoning, yummy. So, I've been trying to think of something witty and humorous to bless you with but today I'm all out of ideas, possibly because most of my humor is formed in complaints and today folks, I have NONE! Praise Jesus for the sunshine and enjoy the weather. Until next time,Good Day!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Potty Training with a Headache

First of all, NOT recomended. If you are about to tackle this task, be sure you feel up to the challenge. So considering today is the first ever day I have put Hunter in just big boy undies (bbu) I guess he did okay. Hunter told me he had to pee, so awesome, perfect time to start. I took his diaper off, let him pee standing up, yay, just like daddy, then I put his bbu on him. The next hour that followed went like this:
5 min after putting on bbu, I hear water, we are both in his bedroom, what the? Oh, honey, you peed your bbu. It's ok, lets go pee in the potty and mommy will clean you up. Cleaned up, went potty for like 2 minutes straight. I'm thinking awesome, he got it all out.
10 mins later-playing with this little ball shooter while im making pizza in the kitchen. I hear water hit the floor. Not water. Hunter, honey, you peed again in your bbu. Remember mommy said to just tell her when you have to pee and she will take you to the potty. We go pee, clean up. I have now decided to start asking him if he has to go potty. Why of course, he says no.
15 mins later-I see Hunter making a funny face. I'm thinking Oh, God, no. Please, please PLEASE do not let him drop a load in just his bbu, I will die! Let's go potty Hunter. We go to the bathroom, I think awesome, I beat the spill this time, nope, bbu were wet.
20 mins later-Another accident, another pair of Elmo undies.
10 mins after that-DIAPER. My head is splitting and now I have to do laundry. Damn babies and their inibility to be born with proper potty knowledge!
We will try again tommorrow. Until then, adios.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Indoor pools in Germany=Awesome Sauce

Awesome day. Me and my boys went to the indoor pool in Amberg. It was awesome. There's like all these little pods of pools. Think the person in the first pod looks like a dirty freak? No problem, move along to the next. There is waterfalls and a mega slide that my son and husband thoroughly enjoyed. I went down a few times but honestly I've never loved the idea of submerging my head under water voluntarily which is inevitable when you come flying off the end at warp speed. Only complaint: the water is too freaking warm, like warmer than my baths. As soon as we walked in it felt like a sauna. Other than that it was like perfect. I swear the water didn't even appear to be chlorinated which, when I think about it is unsettling. If it isn't chlorinated how is all the funky germs killed? I will just decide not to think of that and instead leave you to go thoroughly scrub my entire body. Until next time, Ciao.